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Quick Ship Program

Lead time at Great American Coil is among the shortest in the industry.  We strive to maintain a standard lead time of 10 working days, and only a few times in our company history have we had to extend this time.  However, sometimes our customers have a need for shorter than normal lead times.  To meet this need, we have put in place the following quick ship programs (when available).  The times quoted are counted in working days, and begin upon receipt of your purchase order and approved drawing.  (These schedules can sometimes be delayed by delivery of purchased components such as refrigerant distributors.)

10 Day Shipping

We strive to maintain a standard lead time of 10 working days, but occasionally during seasonal peaks, this is not possible.  If our quoted lead time is greater than 10 working days, we can improve our lead time to 10 working days for a 15% premium.

5 Day Shipping

For those occasional situations when a 10 day lead time is not quick enough, in most cases, we can we can improve our lead time to 5 working days for a 30% premium.

Emergency Shipping

In an extreme emergency situation, we can ship your products in as little as 3 working days for a 75% premium.  However, this schedule is extremely tight and can be affected by the availability of purchased components (refrigerant distributors, etc.) and lot size.