Our Products and Capabilities

Water Coils


Each water coil is designed to provide low water pressure drop, while maintaining turbulent water flow. This design ensures efficient heat transfer and long coil life.

Condenser Coils

Condenser _Coils

Our high efficiency sine-wave fin is an ideal choice for a condenser surface. It provides excellent performance and is easily cleaned in the field, with no louvers or lances to trap airborne contaminants (cottonwood, etc)

Steam Coils


Our low-pressure steam coils are carefully designed to withstand the rigors of this application.

Chilled Beam Coils


Our one and two row chilled beam coils are manufactured with fin spacing as large as 5 fins per inch for passive beams and 8 to 10 fins per inch for active beams in both 2 pipe and 4 pipe configurations

Evaporator (DX) Coils


Carefully designed circuitry with attention to circuit loading, reduces the possibility of oil logging while maintaining a low refrigerant pressure drop.

Copper Fin or Coated Coils


Many casing and fin material options are available along with several coating types to meet the environmental challenges some coils are exposed to.